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Water damage restorationDamage Restoration requires certified experts to clean damaged areas, and prepare it for reconstruction.  Ultimately, the the goal is to repair the property to its pre-damage condition.  Our staff is certified by the IICRC, so you know that work is being completed in a safe, efficient manner.  With our training, we evaluate the stability of a structure, and know whether or not it’s safe to proceed.

There are a number of goals for any damage restoration job.  First and foremost, is to dry the affected area, and remove damaged and destroyed building materials.  Secondly,  we secure the location from any exposure to thieves or the elements.  Once dry, we seek to eliminate any lingering smoke or smells.

We work with your insurance company to assess the damage, and provide a quote for the mitigation effort.   We also follow up with the necessary documentation to ensure compliance and payment.   We want to make sure that your exposure is minimized.  We want there to be few, if any, out-of-pocket expenses beyond the deductible in your insurance policy.

Damage Restoration

Types of situations that require damage restoration experts like us include:

  1. Storm Damage
  2. Flood Damage
  3. Water Damage Restoration
  4. Drain and Sink Overflow
  5. Fire & Smoke Damage
  6. Wind Damage
  7. Mold Remediation
  8. Toilet Overflow Cleanup

At United Carpet Cleaning Services, we’ve been helping clients throughout the Metroplex for more than 32 years.  We’ve helped customers get through their darkest days, and start them on the way to getting the homes and businesses back to how they were before the storm.  Whether mother nature intervened, or someone left the toilet running, we’re here to assess the damage and begin the recovery process.

Please don’t attempt this kind of clean up yourself.  Even a small kitchen fire can expose hazards that you may not be aware of.  Let our trained experts evaluate the unique circumstances of your situation.  We outline a solution unique for you, your family, or your business.