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The weather in North Texas seems to be that of extremes.  We went through many months of drought, and in 2015 we had a record amount of rain.  Unfortunately, many families and businesses had to deal with flooding on their property.  They needed flood restoration service from companies like United Carpet Cleaning.  Why call on us? Because, we have specialized equipment.   We are ready to serve you at your home or business 24-hours a day, seven days a week.  Simply call us at 817.268.6531, and we’ll dispatch one of our crews to you as quickly as possible.

flood restoration serviceIn order to reduce the potential for damage to your property, it’s critical to deal with excess water quickly and thoroughly.  Contacting a company that specializes as a flood restoration service is critical to ensure the right resources are brought to bear to remove water right away.   At United Carpet Cleaning, we’re actually able to complete the drying process in half the time.   Generally, at half the cost of the national average.  If you have flood insurance in place, we’re happy to work with your insurance company to minimize the out-of-pocket expense to you.

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We have state-of-the-art equipment available, and we are certified with IICRC and Dewalds Drying Institute.  Therefore, this enables us to bring the latest knowledge and techniques to the crisis at hand.  We initially stop the flow of water into the property and begin the process of removing the standing water.  Getting water out of the structure is critical to preventing the growth of mold.  Consequently, mold growth can mature and develop within 24 to 48 hours of excess moisture being present.  After removing the standing water, we have additional equipment to remove the ambient moisture by accelerating the evaporation process using high-speed fans and dehumidifiers.

When disaster strikes your home or business, contact the experts anytime at 817.268.6531.  We are flood restoration service experts.  Make sure you have 911 ready to dial in an imminent threat, but put our number in your phone when any initial danger subsides, and it’s time to clean up the mess.

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Flood Damage Restoration Service
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We're have emergency crews ready 24/7 with flood damage restoration services. It's critical to remove standing water from your home to reduce the opportunity for mold growth and absorption by wood floors.