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Drying Out Excess Water during Storm Damage Restoration is Critical

Storm Damage RestorationJust like many things in Texas, whenever we have storms, they seem to be BIG ones! Big storms often times means a lot of water getting into places it shouldn’t be. When you need storm damage restoration services, call on United Carpet Cleaning Systems for fast, effective service.  We answer our phones 24/7, so if disaster strikes at 3a, then we’ll be there quickly.

When people think of storms, there could be a variety of issues in play.  Storms can include wind, hail, or rain (sometimes even ice and snow!).  Our expertise is dealing with extra water.  We have a variety of equipment to use to dry out your home or business as quickly as possible.  Standing water might include sewage or other contaminants, and expedient removal preserves the value of your real property.  If dealt with swiftly, damage to carpets, flooring, walls, etc. is minimized.

Standing water can also start developing mold within a couple days, so removing it is vitally important.  Mold just needs some spores to get started, a food source like wood, drywall, etc, the right temperature and moisture.  Not only can mold be debilitating to your physical structure, but it can negatively impact your health as well.

Water Extraction Specialists

Our crews are IICRC certified and know how to handle many different types of storm damage restoration scenarios.   First, we evaluate the structure and decide if it’s safe to proceed, and have many different tools to dry the area.  We have pumps, vacuums, fans, and dehumidifiers as our main defenses, and we even have additional extraction equipment specifically for porous flooring, like wood.  We have a demonstration video illustrating this on our page about extracting water from wood.  You can link to this video here.  We use industry proven techniques, and efficiently extract moisture from deep within flooring, walls and the hardest to reach areas.  Getting United Carpet Cleaning Systems on the scene helps to reduce repair costs and limits damage to to contents.