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fire damage restoration

When you’ve experienced a fire in your home, call our certified experts at United Carpet Cleaning first for fire damage restoration services!  We answer our phones 24/7.  We can be to your home or business quickly to assess the situation, and secure it if necessary.  Then we will provide a quote for the needed services.

As you seek fire damage restoration services, you’re looking for a solid company.  One with the right training, equipment and experience to do the job right.  Our family-owned company has more than 30 years experience in helping North Texas families and businesses.  We’ve helped people through their toughest days.

Fire Damage Restoration Safety and Security First!

Once we’ve arrived on site, our first priority will be to secure your property through emergency boarding and tarping of the roof as necessary.  Our goal is to ensure that no further damage occurs whether by falling rain or malfeasant looters!  The next critical step in fire damage restoration is to assess the structure of the house. We determine if any immediate shoring it required.  We don’t want you or our crews to be injured in the process of assessing the situation and mitigating damage.  This is one of the most critical aspects of why you shouldn’t attempt this as a “do-it-yourself job.”  Our crews are certified through special training and testing.  We know what to look for, and how to ensure everyone can remain safe.

The next critical step is to start drying out the property for any water that may remain after the fire department has left the scene.  We have a variety of tools available to extract the water, and then move on to removing smoke and soot from ceilings, walls and other surfaces.  Our goal is to restore your belongings and physical structure to their pre-fire condition.   How do we remove odors and soot?  We have industrial-strength fogging equipment and air scrubbers.  United Carpet Cleaning can remove the smell of smoke from the air in your home or business.  Next, we extract the smell that has been absorbed by the walls or furniture in or near where the fire was located.

We will then work to clean the areas and any restorable items on the scene.  Our industrial strength equipment, and environmentally friendly products and processes allow us to achieve great results.  Most of all, our goal is to get you back to where you were.

Don’t Wait, Call Us NOW!

If you’ve experienced a fire and are in need of damage restoration services, then wait no longer and call us now at 817.268.6531.