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Flooring Services

Do you know what happens after you clean carpet, tile, hardwoods, furniture and more for 30+ years? You become an expert as to which products are best for any situation. Do you have a housefull of kids that run around all the time? A busy office with 300 people coming in and out during any given day?  We can identify which products we’ve seen perform the best. Likewise, we can tell you which products to avoid.

Our free estimates and consulting services apply whether you need your existing flooring cleaned, or you’re looking to replace what you have with something new. While our name is United CARPET Cleaning Services, our motto is “Cleaning All That Can Be Cleaned.” Since we’ve cleaned so many different types of flooring products over the years, we’ve developed an expertise that few flooring services companies have.

Experience Counts

We have a lifetime of experience, and we are willing to share that with you FOR FREE! The reason for this is simple, we believe that once we’ve been able to show you our product knowledge, that you’ll be a customer for life. Our company is built on the bedrock of honesty and integrity.  We want to help you find the best product for your home or office. One that will last as long as you expect it to.  You’ll start from the beginning with some guidelines as to how often to clean it, and with which products.

We’ll provide you with an education about flooring services. You’ll be better able to communicate effectively with a flooring services salesperson. Additionally, you’ll know which questions to ask, and have a gauge as to how good the answers are.  Before you call anyone else, contact us either using the form to the right, or simply give us a call at 817.268.6531.

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