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United Carpet Cleaning Systems works throughout North Texas, but one area we focus on is the City of Dallas and the cities that surround it.  For over two generations, we have built our reputation for providing great service and products at fair prices.  When people think “Carpet Cleaning Dallas,”  we want their first thought to be about United Carpet Cleaning Systems.  We have professional, certified crews that clean all sorts of flooring products, as well as, draperies and upholstery.   In addition to carpets, we have equipment and products that allow us to clean tile, marble, wood floors and concrete.  Our motto is that United Carpet Cleaning is “cleaning all that can be cleaned.”

When considering carpet cleaning Dallas, its also important to remember that we can clean residential properties, and commercial properties of any size.  Whether we work on your home in South Oak Cliff, of your office space in Park Cities, you can rest assured that we have the right equipment and the right products for the job.  We even have a variety of cleaning products available.  If you happen to have chemical sensitivities, then we can utilize our Green Cleaning product line.  (Click the link for more info.)  This can be especially important in an office setting where you have a variety of people working with different backgrounds, medical conditions, etc.

Another task we can take care of while we’re on site cleaning carpets, is cleaning granite countertops in your home or office.  These sturdy building products have a great look, but do require special care, and it’s always more economical to have us complete this cleaning when we’re already onsite working on your carpets or flooring.  When you think of us for carpet cleaning Dallas, just remember that we take care of draperies, countertops, and even help in a flood emergency.  Keep our number in your phone, and we’ll be ready when you need us!  Our phone is answered 24/7: (817) 268-6531

Carpet Cleaning Dallas
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Carpet Cleaning Dallas
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We serve clients all over North Texas, but one area we specialize in with carpet cleaning is Dallas. Call us at 817-268-6531 for your appointment today!