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United Carpet Cleaning Systems, Inc. has been at work throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex for 32 years.  When you think of carpet cleaning Fort Worth, United Carpet Cleaning should come to mind first as we have resources located throughout Tarrant County to serve our clients.  Our expertise extends beyond carpets as well.  We have the right equipment and cleaning products for a variety of flooring types from tile, to wood, to concrete and more.  Our motto at United Carpet Cleaning is we’re ready to “Cleaning all that can be cleaned.”  This also means we clean above the floor, too.  We have special equipment that allows us to clean draperies, upholstery, and countertops.  Our cleaning products are odor-free and residue free.  Once we’ve left your home, the only thing we leave behind are clean floors!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Fort Worth

Businesses also think of us when they think of carpet cleaning Fort Worth.  We can handle any size office, and we can work with your schedule.  Since our green products are residue free, this can be vitally important when considering a diverse work force.  Many people are more chemically-sensitive than they were in the past, and employers are being held more accountable for the products and chemicals used in their companies.  Please have your human resources manager contact us, so we can talk to them more about our residue-free products.

Area Rug Cleaning

Another item to consider when thinking of carpet cleaning Fort Worth is how we handle area rugs.  These can often be substantial investments in your home of office, and while its relatively easy to take basic care of such a rug, it’s important to get it professionally cleaned at least annually.  In some instances, we can do this on site, and other times it’s important for us to pick it up, clean it at our facility and return it to you.

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We're experts at carpet cleaning for your home or office. We use environmentally safe processes so that your employees or family members won't be affected by chemical residue.