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Home Carpet Cleaning

United’s Commitment to Excellence –

Health, Appearance, Life and Longevity of Your Carpet

Home Carpet Cleaning

Home carpet cleaning is performed with safe products that are non residue leaving and rinsed clear of any products, leaving your home dirt and chemical free.

Carpet Before Cleaning | Home Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Before Cleaning

The health of your family: Carpet and floors being cleaned regularly is essential to your homes health. Every day dirt, dust, mold and pollen enter your home. If your family is like mine we lay on our carpets often and these toxins can cause allergies, respiratory problems as well as other ailments. Your carpet is the biggest filter you have in your home so it must be cleaned regularly. Having a good vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters, vacuuming daily is probably the best thing you can do outside of professional cleaning. Do you have small children and pets? Having pet oils, dander and yes even those pet accidents (because we know our beloved pets really didn’t mean to make a mess), removed and returned to sanitary conditions is just a good idea.

Carpet After Home Carpet Cleaning

Carpet After Cleaning

Appearance of Carpet and Floors: Regular maintenance and cleaning is essential to the appearance of your carpets and floors. Regular vacuuming and periodic cleanings will aid in reducing the abrasive scaring of your fibers from dirt and dust especially in your traffic lanes. Regular cleaning and vacuuming will prevent deep penetration of dirt and stains and therefore keep the appearance looking good for as long as you keep the carpet.

Life and Longevity: Regular maintenance, vacuuming and cleaning as well as stretching your carpet as needed is also essential for the life and longevity of all your carpets and floors.

Download our guide for getting stains out the correct and safe way with products already most likely in your home already.

United Carpet Cleaning is Master Certified through the IICRC in Residential Carpet Cleaning. More information about this can be found here.